Client Testimonials

Your team did an amazing job! They were so easy and great to work with. Thank you!

Alex August 2022

We had an excellent experience with Storm Mountain Express. When we arrived at Hayden Airport , GO Alpine had a full, crowded transport van and our Storm Mountain Express driver awaited us, ready to load all our bags. We had a "personal" bus service since we were the only riders at that time. Our driver was extremely friendly, gave us a fun, historical overview of Steamboat Springs, suggested places to visit/eat/etc. On our departure day, they came to pick us up on time (with a full van/bus) and got us to the airport 1.5 hours before our flight.

Stephen March 2022

Thank you for waiting on our delayed flight and getting us to our designation safe. Thank you for taking my many calls prior and making me feel calm knowing I was traveling with my daughter and did not want to drive. Thank you for your caring voice on the other line. Thank you and many more thanks! EVERYONE on your TEAM showed care and compassion! Not only that you were hit with weather and you made accommodations for all those ppl who were stranded for the night!!! It was impressive how you stayed calm and handled everything witn grace! 10 million stars deserved!

Rebecca March 2022

I'm going to add one more thank you...THANK YOU for getting us back to the airport on time. You showed up when you said you would and your driver was so nice! He was so helpful getting all our luggage in the van and talked to us about our trip with excitement! I can't wait to come back with the entire family! You have no idea how much I needed your services for fear of driving in snow (Florida gal here) and much I appreciate you all! Again, THANK YOU!

Rebecca March 2022

Rehearsal and Wedding Shuttle: A good time was had by all. Pete was a very professional and affable driver.

Clyde October 2021